Ethical AI/ML for Human Relations

Empowering human connections through ethical AI/ML services,

promoting positive relationships and meaningful interactions

Intelligent Chatbot Solutions for Personalized Conversations. Our advanced AI technology creates personalized conversational chat robots, enabling engaging and tailored interactions for enhanced user experiences

Data-Driven NLP Training Services for Open Source and Commercial Solutions. Our expert team specializes in training open source and commercial NLP models with diverse datasets, empowering businesses with powerful natural language processing capabilities

Voice Training and Integration Services for NLP Systems. Our cutting-edge voice-to-text and text-to-voice technology enables us to train voices and seamlessly integrate them with NLP systems, enhancing natural language processing capabilities for a seamless user experience

Intuitive Chatbot Interaction Devices for Seamless User Engagement. Our innovative hardware solutions provide effortless user interaction with chatbots, allowing for intuitive and convenient engagement without relying on traditional voice assistants

We are a team of innovators, experienced in tweaking
and perfecting high-tech

Innovation is our nature. It is part of our identity.


We are constantly looking for ways to improve available technology – and when what is available does not satisfy us, we simply develop new technology. In doing so we invest time. Knowledge. Expertise. Talent. We test, we improve, we test again. It’s a laborious process. But this work comes so naturally to us that, when the solution reaches you, it will feel effortless. Our mission is to provide the most simple and user-friendly tech solutions for our clients.

Among the main projects of the company, we mention

Ethical AI/ML For Human Relations. Empowering human connections through ethical AI/ML services, promoting positive relationships and meaningful interactions

Self-Service Solutions (All-in-One Solution) already successfully implemented in companies from the field of utilities (gas and electricity), public institutions and retail

Customized and adapted computer systems according to customer`s requirements, which integrate the highest levels of security

Conference solutions used for top level meetings or top-level locations, like government or boardrooms

Technology Operation Centre solutions that can integrate platforms, sensors or hardware in general, implemented in NOC, SOC, BMS, Smart City, with the added value of integrating all solutions under a single platform

Research and development activity (R&D), with industrial design, prototyping and production capabilities, which involves the provision of complete software and hardware solutions

Custom software development using main available technologies

Custom software and production of hardware equipment.


The Art of Elegance

and Performance


We need design in our everyday life, in the most common objects. The HLS24-AiO is anything but common, though

It’s slim, carefully chiselled appearance hides all the power you need and more. Add an unrivalled display and the result is an All-In-One computer that doesn’t lose its appeal over time.

Design a Collaborative,

Creative and Effective

Conference Room

Innovative solution for conference digitization
that offers a unique user experience

The system benefits from a real-time translation module with localized translators, is modular and accommodates a maximum of 40 participants.

Thin Outside,

Powerful Inside


We strive for nothing short of excellence, and the
ST-43 SLIM is the embodiment of this principle

The product is uniquely responsive while looking slim and ergonomic, an All-In-One system integrating a multi-touch 43’’ UHD display with a powerful computer, capable of delivering high performance.

Impress your customers

with the All-in-One

Self-Service Terminal

If you want to impress your customers we can custom tailor
a solution as our hardware works best with our software.

Software can be built based on your requirements and we are able to provide integrations if needed. We provide APIs to control the self care terminal and all it’s peripheral devices.

To meet requirements,

we develop custom


We are dedicated to stay in the forefront of
custom-made hardware development.

At Headlight Solutions we have an R&D department with highly skilled hardware engineers working on designing and building new generations of custom-made hardware for our clients.

Professional Penetration

Testing Services

Offensive Security

HLS Manual Penetration Testing (MPT) extends beyond
identifying and documenting discrete vulnerabilities.

The purpose of these assessments is more situational,
creating scenarios to investigate whether multiple lower-risk flaws can be compounded into a larger attack scenario.


Consulting Services


HLS team provides support in order to ensure that

the ISO 27001 framework can be implemented 

according to legislation. 

Our consultants will support you through the entire

process of accreditation in order to help you achieve

a data protection standards ecosystem.


Digital Whiteboard for

School, Office or Hospital use

Present to colleagues, collaborate with clients
or get students involved in classes with LeaderHub

Internet Protocol

Television IPTV

The innovative platform for processing

and diffusing multimedia content

and integrating IoT solutions

Designed to be a unique solution in Romania,

the platform contains 3 innovative modules:

Portal for end users (web/ mobile)

Hospitality IPTV Software Solution

IoT integration app – Smart Home

43″ Multi-Touch

All-in-One System

& Floor Stand Rentals

Enjoy the benefits of the latest

technology without the cost of ownership


Our Multi-touch systems are great for Trade Shows, Special Events, Marketing Efforts, Digital Sigance and anything you want to make interactive.

For personalized offers, please contact us.

Open new perspectives
for your business with
Headlight Solutions

Our staff will get back to you
as soon as possible.

    Support innovation and increase the productivity

    European Project

    Innovative platform for processing and broadcasting
    multimedia content and integrating IoT solutions.

    OBJECTIVE: To support innovation and increase the productivity of Headlight Solutions by creating a complex innovative product and innovative services based on this product.

    Designing an innovative secure communications product

    European Project

    Communication system that uses secure terminals

    and blockchain communication nodes

    OBJECTIVE: To design and produce an innovative secure communications product, namely a mobile communications terminal with a specially designed operating system.

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